PySAT toolkit is a work in progress. Although it can already be helpful in many practical settings (and it was successfully applied by its authors for a number of times), it would be great if some of the following additional features were implemented:

  • more SAT solvers to support (e.g. RISS, Intel (R) SAT Solver among many others)
  • lower level access to some of the solvers' internal parameters (e.g. variable activities, etc.)
  • high-level support for arbitrary Boolean formulas (e.g. by Tseitin-encoding1 them internally)

All of these will require a significant effort to be made. Therefore, we would like to encourage the SAT community to contribute and make PySAT a tool for an easy and comfortable day-to-day use. :)

  1. G. S. Tseitin. On the complexity of derivations in the propositional calculus. Studies in Mathematics and Mathematical Logic, Part II. pp. 115–125, 1968 ↩︎